What could we transform together? 

This Art-Infra website is a companion to a project called "Artists as Partners in Sustainable Infrastructure Education with National Council on Science and the Environment." The project is funded by an Institute on the Environment (University of Minnesota) Mini Grant to Sean Connaughty, --artist and lecturer at the University of Minnesota Art Department, and a team of artists and infrastructure professionals.

The project includes two events to explore perspectives and highlight case studies of collaborations between infrastructure professionals and artists toward sustainable infrastructure goals. The first is a panel presentation at the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) 2018: The Science, Business, and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure: January 23-25, 2018, Washington, D.C. The second event will be a repeat and expansion of the panel presentation in the University of Minnesota area to engage University scholars, artists, and members of the local infrastructure community in exploring innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations toward sustainable infrastructure.

Project Team:

Sean Connaughty, PI Leader, Participant; Lecturer, Department of Art, University of Minnesota, Independent Artist, 

Jonee Kulman Brigham, Co-leader, IonE Fellow, Program Faculty for MS in Sustainable Design, College of Design, Independent Artist, Full Spring Studio, LLC

Cathy Abene, Principal Civil Engineer, Facilities Management, University of Minnesota

Shanai Matteson, Founder, Artist, Collaborative Director, Water Bar and Public Studio; Co-Founder, Works Progress

Arlene Birt, Visual Storyteller, Background Stories, Associate Professor, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Linda Henning, Manager, Special Projects at Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Christine Baumler, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Art & Social Practice, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Art, University of Minnesota

Anna Eleria, Planning, Projects & Grants Division Manager, Capitol Region Watershed District

Banner images credits left to right: Shanai Matteson, Water Bar and Public Studio; Arlene Birt, Background stories; Sean Connaughty (two images); Jonee Brigham (with Audrey Favorito), Full Spring Studio



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